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Tianjin State Grid Transmission and Distribution: Cable skill "mentoring"

Author:Administrator Source:Powered Views:567 Published:2014/4/7 11:48:10

Cable squad young employees to practice under the guidance of the master cable accessories installation technology

 Transmission and Distribution Engineering Company under the Tianjin Cable Accessories Installation class young employees who are led by the master, rehearsing cable accessories installation technology. 

     Cable squad squad, said Zhang Long, through several months of hard training, cable class 21 young employees has basically mastered stripping outer jacket, tie tie line, saw armor, and so eager semi-conductive cable docking terminal production of basic skills, and soon All through the cable before the mid-level workers skills identification. 

     "Disciples constantly exercises teach and learn, plus chefs sidelines pointing and theoretical study are weekly progress very quickly, just keep trying to believe it too long you can not work through advanced exams, and chefs an out of work. "speech Zhang squad for these young people very happy.