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  Shijiazhuang Histe Electric Co., Ltd Hebei Province China Is a joint-stock enterprise specialized in the production and development of cable accessories, the company is well-funded, first-class technology, the company implemented the layers under the leadership of general manager responsibility system, has 12 department, the existing staff of 228 people, there is a famous expert on electricity, materials experts consultant, has strong product development capabilities, with annual production capacity of thousands of sales, is one of the nation's largest cable accessories manufacturer. 


Dow Corning products manufactured by the German high elastic silicone rubber, flame retardant EPDM rubber as raw material, through the famous rubber, chemicals, power lasted seven experts from developed to fill the gaps in prefabricated cable accessories. Products include :1-110kV prefabricated, pre-expansion shrink silicone rubber power cable accessories, 10kV cold shrink cable accessories, cable connectors middle 10kV, 10kV wall bushing, 35kV wall bushing, 110kV wall bushing, 10kV European before the plug, 10kV after European plugs, insulating cap, butt sleeve, longer sleeves, H-type butt sleeve, 35kV former European plugs, 35kV after European plugs, 35kV European butt sleeve, American 200A cable head, elbow-type cable connector , single-pass tube fittings, double-pass tube fittings, seat tube fittings, insulating cap, single-pass wall, 600AT cable connector, 600AT cable connector, 600A load adapter, 600A insulated caps, 35KV indoor shrink cable head, 35kV outdoor shrink cable head, 35kV cable Joints, 10kV arrester, 20kV arrester, 24kV arrester, 33kV arrester, 35kV arrester, 66kV arrester, 110kV arrester, 220kV arrester, 15kV isolation switch, 20kV isolation switch, 24kV isolation switch, 33kV isolation switch, 35kV isolation switch, 40.5kV isolation switches, 110kV disconnectors, 126kV disconnectors, 138kV disconnectors, 220kV disconnectors, 252kV disconnectors, 10kV Expulsion fuses, 10kV porcelain jet fuses, HRW12 fuse , 20kV fuse, 24kV fuse, 33kV fuse, 35kV fuse, 36kV fuse, 10kV current-limiting fuses, 20kV current-limiting fuses, 24kV current-limiting fuses, 33kV current-limiting fuses, 35kV limiting fuses, 36kV current-limiting fuses, 10kV composite insulators, 10kV composite insulators lightning, 20kV composite insulators, 24kV composite insulators, 33kV composite insulators, 35kV composite insulators, 66kV composite insulators, 110kV composite insulators, 220kV composite insulators , 330kV composite insulators, 440kV composite insulators, 500kV composite insulators, 660kV composite insulators, 750kV composite insulators, busbar shrink tube, shrink thin tube, pre-shrink cable head control, ethylene-propylene rubber waterproof tape, cable sheath protection , sheath protecting box with counter, RTV antifouling paints flash, cables and various silicone rubber shell explosion increases climb skirts, hats and other cold shrink cable sealing products, and customers can request special requirements of high-quality silicone rubber products the company also developed the 220kV and below MOA, isolation switch, protective layer to protect me, drop-out fuse, 750kV and below the organic synthesis of composite insulators and other products. These products have been widely used in various fields of electricity, railways, telecommunications, transportation, petroleum, chemical, and repeatedly exported to Sudan, Algeria, Congo, Vietnam, Myanmar, Belgium and other countries. 


Corporate philosophy: quality for the market, integrity and development; attract the world's science and technology, building partnership culture, the creation of brand leaders; implementation of the ten billion strategy, stronger priority, because potential work; companies have people-oriented, passion, dedication, intelligence, performance of the business team; strive to build first-class enterprise. 


Company solemn promise: products manufactured hundred percent pass rate, the warranty period of ten years; customer satisfaction as the criterion, the customer is always right, the service only better, not the best, service indefinitely.